Friday, November 25, 2011

Pasta Party

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I enjoyed spending time with my dad's side of the family!! Every year on the day after Thanksgiving, my mom's side of the family goes to my aunt's house for a Pasta, today's the day!!! We're all italian so we have a big, loud, fun family and there's really never a dull moment when we all get together.
Last winter my mom and I went to a crop weekend and I was already planning for this yummy day and made this card for my aunt:
I can't remember the Copic colors that I used since it was so long ago, but I did use Copics!!

Here's a close-up of Edwin with the Pasta:
Have a wonderful day!!!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Transformations

I stumbled upon this wonderful paint called, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. It is absolutely incredible what can be done with this paint and the creations and transformations made with it. There is no sanding or buffing required to get it ready to is so easy and so beautiful! I did some research and found some blogs that talked about it, and showed the incredible transformations of old, beat up pieces of furniture to new, gorgeous statement pieces. I decided to start my hunt for some inexpensive, old and beat-up furniture. Even those pieces that look completely ruined with all of the scuffs and dings will look incredible after using the ANCP! To find out more information about this paint and to see some of the transformations done by Annie Sloan, you can visit here.

Here's the first piece that I found:

After a couple coats of Aubusson Blue, a coat of Clear Wax and some light distressing, here's what it transformed into:

I love this color and really enjoyed trying the paint for the first time.

Of course, I couldn't stop after one piece. I went out and found this great, vintage record cabinet, at a resale shop, and wanted to transform it into a tv stand/DVD cabinet.

Here's the before piece:

It was a really pretty piece with a lot of potential. It needed some help with the weak legs, some new knobs and of course, the beautiful ASCP!

I got right to work on this great piece and painted the outside with a coat of Coco, then did a whitewash with Old White and finished that off with Dark Wax.

For the inside of this wonderful piece, I wanted to use Arles, a great mustard yellow. I put down a coat of Cream and then added a couple coats of Arles. I also added some Dark Wax to the interior as well. Here's a look:
I love how the interior color is such a statement color and love the transformation of this piece.

Here's a close-up of the new knobs and details:

And after all of this work, it was finally time to put the TV on top and the DVD's inside :)

Of course, now that that's done, all of those wires will need to disappear!!!

If you're interested in learning more about this wonderful paint, check out this YouTube video. Also, to find a stockist in the United States, follow this link. If you're in a different country than the USA, follow this link to find a stockist to get your hands on this wonderful paint.

I hope you enjoyed looking at these transformations. Hopefully I will be able to find more pieces of furniture soon and transform them into new creations and get them posted on here for you to enjoy!

Have a wonderful week and a great Thanksgiving!!

- Blessings-


Autumn and Birthday Wreaths

Good Morning, Bloggers!

I finally had some time this weekend to get crafty! I absolutely love Autumn...the colors, the crisp air, the change of colors on the leaves, Thanksgiving and time with family. I had seen these rosette wreaths and was really anxious to try making one. So, that's just what I did on Saturday. It was so fun and I love the outcome!

These are some of my favorite colors and I love the look of all of the rosettes together and the buttons and hemp. I'm over all pleased with my first attempt at this and will definitely make more for other seasons/holidays!

Since I liked this one so much, I decided to make a birthday rosette wreath for my sister. Her birthday is on Saturday and I thought I'd make her something cute that she can use as a decoration. Her favorite color is, pink it is!!!

Of course, I had to add a few other colors and some word paper, but overall it's very pink! I'll give it to her on Saturday as I think my mom and I are going to take her to get pedicures and she wants to go to Color Me Mine as well. Hopefully she'll like this!!

Mostly everything that was used, including, papers, buttons, ribbons, etc. are all Stampin' Up products.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

- Blessings -


Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Hello, Blogger Friends!
Sorry I haven't posted in quite some time. I have been extremely busy with some things in my life and am just now getting back into blog-land. I haven't had as much time to get creative, but I am going to make some time this week/weekend to work on some projects and get them posted up here.

I hope you are having a fabulous week!